Our Story

Our Kambuzi chillies are grown by small subsistence farmers in Malawi. We are passionate about supporting subsistence farmers to sustain culture, diversity and indigenous tribes that exist through these means. Our local chillies are thoughtfully sourced throughout South Africa ranging from Birds Eye chillies, Thai chillies, Serrano chillies, Habanero chillies and Jalapeño chillies to name a few.

We believe generations of wisdom, cultures and history are carried through the food we eat - ours is but a small part of it. We believe the earth is alive and must be cared for to sustain all of life. We are losing more connection to the earth as we depend on massive corporations to source our food. Supporting small farmers is keeping cultures alive and vibrant. We believe there’s no reason to have chemicals in our food.

Inspired by the taste and flavour of Kambuzi chillies, Be Nice was created in 2019. Simplicity is our motto and this is carried out across all our product ranges including our ingredients. We use sustainable packaging that is recyclable and reusable. We encourage no single use plastic and take on board a sustainable and symbiotic way of life. We invite you to join us on our journey.


Address: Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa, 7430.
Tel: 072 224 7979
Email: info@be-nice.co.za

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