Our Exotic Chilli Sauces

Our chilli sauces are a beautiful blend of Malawian Kambuzi chillies and locally seasonal chillies. Our delicious chilli sauces are real handmade products that will tantalize your taste buds.

Kambuzi is a hot, rare exotic chilli, grown by small subsistence farmers in Malawi. It has a delicious tropical citrus flavour that adds complexity to our chilli sauces. We blend Kambuzi chillies with different local chillies to make our Exotic Green Blend, Exotic Red Blend, Exotic Habanero Blend and Exotic Pepper Blend. Our chilli sauces are undeniably hot and tasty ranging from mild, hot and very hot. 

All our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and intentionally blended to give you more than you expect out of a chilli sauce. We make our sauces in small batches and have limited edition sauces that are made as once offs. We are proud of everything in our jars. Our chilli sauces are a real handmade product, made from scratch with high quality ingredients.

Our exotic chilli sauces have been a labour of love. They are a perfect blend of Kambuzi chillies and seasonal local chillies. 


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